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Company History

T&S Tool & Supply Co., Inc. was founded in 1978 by Roger W. Thomas. To establish the business he worked out of his house on 2nd Street in Holland, Ohio. One year later he leased a 1500 square foot building on 1440 Holloway Road to warehouse his expanding inventory. In 1980 he purchased a building housing D & R Machine at 1154 Clarion Avenue in Holland and remained in that location until 1994. While at the Clarion Avenue location, Roger expanded the building several times until he could expand no longer! He added additional warehouse space, a retail area, new office's, etc. Then in the early 90's he purchased a 1-1/4 acre lot at 7341 Airport Highway.

Roger designed a building to fully take advantage of the property and it's location. The final plans called for a 15,965 square foot building to be constructed in two phases. Phase I would house T & S. It's basic floor plan would be 11,400 square feet, but would have two-story capabilities. Thus for further expansion, 22,800 square feet of floor space could be fully utilized. Phase II would house three rental units; to be used by T & S for office space or storage areas if needed, or as rental space for retail stores or office units as a result of the high traffic area.

Phase I was completed in late 1994 and the move was fully completed by January of 1995. Phase II was completed in June of 1998 and all three units were leased within the year.

Company Management Team

President and Founder, Roger Thomas has an extensive background in industrial machinery and tooling. He grew up around machinery and tooling and wanted to pursue a degree in education, but the dream of owning his own business interfered with that goal. With teaching in his blood, Roger has taught business classes and economic classes at some of the local schools. Roger has also lectured at several vocational schools on industrial cutting tools and related products, as well as served on advisory committees to these local schools and colleges. With Roger's background he can recommend basic speeds and feeds on most machining applications, along with the proper tooling requirements.

Roger has also been very active in the community. He was elected by his peers to serve on the very first Board of Directors for the Holland-Springfield Chamber of Commerce. He also was Co-Founder and Charter President of the Holland-Springfield Rotary Club. With two sons, Roger has coached about 20 different athletic teams, from baseball to basketball to soccer. Roger has also been nominated twice for Entrepreneur of the Year in Northwestern Ohio, and was a finalist in 1991.

The management team at T&S, without a doubt, is the big reason for the company's continued success!

John Graff heads the Accounting Department. With his accounting skills, T&S has the advantage of doing a lot of accounting "In House" as opposed to many other companies who use outside firms. John has been with the company for over 35 years and has learned the "business". It's also not unusual to find him filling in at the sales counter during busy times.

Jay Thomas is our General Manager. You may see him working at the front counter, helping out in the shipping department, or purchasing department and even at our customer's facilities. He does In-House inventories at customer's locations in addition to outside sales calls. Jay has been with T&S for over 25 years!

Jamie Thomas heads up our Purchasing Department, but you may see him working in sales or in other areas. He has been with T&S for almost 20 years!

Shelly McBride has been the head of our Shipping Department for over 35 years! As with all of our mangement team, she wears several hats. Shelly can be seen working in the sales department or handling incoming calls.

Stephanie Thomas is the youngest of our mangement team. She is a 2011 college graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Stephanie has been with us for over ten years. If you are on our e-mail mailing list or get our T&S catalog...she is the one who takes care of that! She is responsible for all marketing aspects at T&S. 

The glue that holds everything together is the Vice-President of the company, Jennifer Thomas. In 1978, Roger asked his wife if he could start the business and for her to help him for a little while, 45 plus years later she is still at his side. Jenny can not only take sales calls, but is very knowledgeable on all the products and can work in the Shipping and Receiving Department, the Accounting Department, and more! She has been a tremendous asset and T&S would literally not exist without her.

You will see the Thomas name throughout the management team. In 1978 T&S was an abbreviation for Thomas & Sons. Jamie & Jay joined the company and now the third generation, Austin. Austin started working at T&S while he was in college. He graduated from college in 2016 with a business degree and is now part of our sales team. We could have never imagined our grandson working for T&S! We are proud of them all and hope they can continue the tradition!

Company Consumers and Products

T&S has over 8,000 customers listed on its different mailing lists, and these customers circle the globe. T&S has shipped to Europe, India, Fiji Islands, South America, England, Australia, Greenland, Canada, and all the 50 states including, Hawaii and Alaska. Our toll free telephone lines and FAX lines complement the ever increasing internet boom. Our website and e-mail address will expand that mailing list even further.

The company's mission is simple.........WE STOCK WHAT WE SELL! We pride ourselves on our massive inventory and continually add new products. We stock a full line of industrial machinery. We usually have 2 to 3 different milling machines on our showroom floor, along with 4 to 5 different metalworking and woodworking lathes. Every drill press that Jet manufactures and their entire line of woodworking machines, jointer, planers, dust collectors, etc. are also stocked.

We stock a full implement of safety supplies, abrasives, coolants, 30-40-50 taper tooling adapters, "All" R8 and 5C collets, sleeves, inspection equipment, and more! T&S is the largest Kennedy Tool Box Distributor in Northwest Ohio, one of the largest OSG Distributors in the state, and was Jet's 1999 Distributor of the Year!

Our real concentration is on cutting tools. We literally STOCK IT ALL! Almost every reamer in our catalog: extension, hand, adjustable, bridge, car, chucking, taper, pin, Morse taper, metric, and the list goes on. We feel we have the largest inventory of decimal reamers in this part of the state, over 1300 sizes and still growing. We stock fraction taps in spiral pointed, hand, pipe, spiral fluted, forming, oversized, metric and more! We have taps in stock up to 4" in diameter and metrics up to 80mm with a full implement of special thread pitch taps, in 1/4" over 17 different thread sizes alone!

In addition, we have manufacturers that can make almost any tap imaginable within 48 hours. In endmills we go up to 1" diameter in solid carbide, 3" diameter with 12" length of cut in single ends, and every single tapered endmill and double endmill that OSG has listed in their catalog. You want drills? We have drills! Over 20 different styles of any particular drill. Cobalt, masonry, solid carbide, carbide tipped, core type, parabolic fluted, taper shank, and more! In a 1/2 drill alone we stock lengths of 3-3/4", 6", 7-3/4", 8", 12", 15", 18", and 24". If you need it longer we can get it!

T&S carries some of the top brand names in the industry. Mitutoyo, Brown and Sharpe, OSG, Quinco, Keo, Morse, Wright, Kennedy, Jet, Starrett, Norton, Precision Twist, L & I, Crescent, Acer, Bison, Pratt-Burnerd, Clausing, Kalamazoo, Wellsaw, General, Milwaukee, ERB, Arc, Plumb, Bondhus, Eklind, Collis, Lyndex, Dremel, YG-1, Fullerton, Helical, Iscar, and Vermont to name just a few!

T&S...dedicated to stock...dedicated to its customers...with employees dedicated to serve you with the very best of service...try us!